Savor the Flavors: Make Food Your Friends


Do you have a love-hate relationship with food? If so, you’re not alone. Woman Eating Healthy Salad


We speak of “junk” foods that are sin” desserts “decadent”. We “watching our diet,” we “count calories,” we “do the fight against beads”, etc… In short, our relationship with food is not always positive.


Probably one of the biggest food critics of all time – believed that “the pleasures of the table are all ages, all conditions, all countries and everyday and can be combined with all other pleasures are the only console us when we lost everything.


This is a positive attitude to the pleasures of the table! The concept of taste and savor our food slowly is an idea put forward by the philosophy of Slow Food (Slow Food Movement).


Our articles will advise you to rediscover the pleasure of eating while losing weight.


It introduces the concept of “volume” based on the idea that the consumption of large amounts of food can help you lose weight.

It gives suggestions for reducing the number of calories when cooking.


No fast food chains!


As we are busy; we often fall back on low calorie fast food options. In recent years, this approach of food more rapidly gave birth to a movement against the current.


Burger and chips meal that you buy one of these chains is the same in many countries. The Slow Food aims to preserve the cultural heritage by promoting flavors and local customs.


The Slow Food movement now encompasses the idea of ​​taking his time, literally «smells the coffee» and savors the flavors of food. If you want to slow your pace and take time to enjoy your meal, try to practice these tips:


Choose more fresh food than frozen or canned. You will enjoy more flavors, nutrients and fiber and less salt, sugar and other additives.

Buy products at local farmers’ markets – their food is full of flavors, colors and fibers.

Vary the more whole grain products, fruits and vegetables you eat. Have you tried…?


  • Wild Rice … or spelled?
  • The guava … or kumquat?
  • Or … the yam fennel?


Cook everything yourself when possible.

Sit down to eat and enjoy chatting with your family or friends rather than eating quickly while watching TV or a meal on the go from your desk.

Do not forget to savor every bite!